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Zip Codes May be Omitted

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The Post Office computers know Our mailing address without zip code and gets it to Us without delay.  Insist on it being sent without zip code. just as We show on Our web site.  If the Postal clerk gives you a problem, give them this info on "zip codes may be omitted".  Be sure to use the full word "California" and not "CA".  CA is a district of Washington DC overlayed over California, the republic.  We are in California and not in CA.  The same is true with zip codes.  We do not want to be in that venue and jurisdiction.  Most Americans do not know what is going on or why they do what they do.  I suggest reading the material on this web site to understand what is going on and share the info with family, friends, and others.


"See Domestic Mail Manual 602 1.3e (2)"


This is what that is about: 


The latest cite for the statement "zip codes may be omitted" is now "DMM 602 1.3e (2)" (last printing on January 8, 2006).previously (years ago) it was "DMM 122.32"   "DMM" stands for "DOMESTIC MAIL MANUAL"   See:


 DMM 602 1.3 reads as follows (emphasis by Me):


1.3 Address Elements

All mail not bearing a simplified address under 3.0, Use of Alternative Addressing, must bear a delivery address that contains at least the following elements in this order from the top line:

a. Intended recipient's name or other identification.

b. Private mailbox designator ("PMB" or alternative "#") and number if the mailpiece is addressed to a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) address.

c. Street and number. (Include the apartment number, or use the Post Office box number, or general delivery, or rural route or highway contract route designation and box number, as applicable.)

d. City and state (or state abbreviation). The city is any acceptable mailing name for the 5-digit ZIP Code serving the intended recipient as shown in the USPS City State Product.

e. ZIP Code (5-digit or ZIP + 4) where required:

1. ZIP Codes are required on Express Mail, Presorted and automation price First-Class Mail, Periodicals mail, Standard Mail, Package Services mail (except single-piece price Parcel Post), all mail sent to military addresses within the United States and to APO and FPO addresses, all official mail (penalty mail), all business reply mail, and all merchandise return service mail.

2. Unless required above, ZIP Codes may be omitted from single-piece price First-Class Mail (including Priority Mail), single-piece price Parcel Post, and pieces bearing a simplified address. 

The term: "single piece" is used because ordinary people send out letters or packages separately.  But corporations are usually the ones that send out mass mailings.  The corporate government has jurisdiction over its creations such as corporations (fictions), their services, and products.  Also, keep in mind that fictions can only deal with fictions.   Therefore, corporations usually convert Ones proper name and mailing location into a fiction.  Mail from corporations are usually sent to a fiction.  Computer database software today is set up for fictions only.  It is nearly impossible to do otherwise unless hand written.

The current definition for "single piece" is as follows and found at

single-piece rate  A postage rate available for individual pieces of Express

Mail, First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Standard Mail (B). It is not

available for Periodicals except under the rate category of basic. This type

of rate contrasts with rates available for bulk mail and presorted mail.

Also, take notice that "state abbreviation" as mentioned above in DMM 1.3d is a minor option in brackets "()" and not required.  True state abbreviation for California is "Calif." not CA.


According to the above, most mail and packages can be sent without zip The DMM states that mail "must bear a delivery address", not a zip, unless where required under special conditions. 


ZIP Codes are applicable to Federal territories and enclaves located within the 50 States of the Union, and within the District of Columbia.

-- cf. Piqua Bank v. Knoup, 6 Ohio 342, 404 (1856) and U.S. v. Butler, 297 U.S. 1, 63 (1936)   

I am in California, not within the territory or enclave of DC.  I am a California national, not a U.S. citizen, and not in CA. 

Most people are volunteering into the Federal venue by becoming a "US citizen" and attaching "CA" and zips to their homes and or mailing locations.

Mail intended to be sent to Me but is sent to "CA", may be "refused for cause" for incorrect venue.


Keep in mind that when one does the pledge of allegiance flag salute, is it to the "republic for which it stands" not "democracy? 

The citizens of DC and its enclaves are in a democracy. Each state is "a nation unto itself" and are to be "republics"; having a republican form of government.

Most people never question things but go along with the masses.   People are like "frogs in the pot" where the heat is turned up slowly until they become cooked. 


The U.S. Postal Service cannot discriminate against the non-use of ZIP codes, pursuant to the Postal Reorganization Act, Section 403 (Public Law 91-375).


Most Postal clerks at lower positions are like sheep.  They know and understand only what they are told to do.  They believe what the majority believes and no more; rarely ever questioning anything.  Most have never read the Post Office manual.


You may have to educate them on their own "Domestic Mail Manual" (DMM).  When you do, they will remember you and respect you as the one that is knowledgeable in these matters.   You can show them this email if you like.


Keep Me informed.   Thank you.


Take a look at the following listed web page and discover "The Truth as I See it" about American governance:  You will find out what they do not want you to know.   This is true with most other countries controlled and manipulated by the One World government elite.
The greatest Possession of all is having Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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