"The Truth as I see it." No. 2
Updated The Thirtiet day of the First month, anno Domini Two thousand twelve

Who submits to whom?

In each vertical column, the one above is superior to those below. The one below is subject, subordinate, or submissive to those above.

There are two plans. The column on the left is the original, organic plan that began with the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation to keep people free and whereby the people have control over the limited governments created and established by the people to serve the people. The column on the right is the corporate government system that is prevalent today created by an elite group to enslave and control the people. Which column do you want to be in?

Plan B is basically an inverted counterfeit of Plan A and the powers to be can only govern its fictional creations such as persons (corporations, organizations, trusts, partnerships, STRAWMAN, etc.) and fictional overlays of the real land producing a new venue and jurisdiction. Men and woman become subjects when they contract with "Plan B" and a fictional person is created called the "STRAWMAN." Keep in mind that an all capital letter name and or middle initial constitutes or signifies a fiction.
Plan A
Since 1776

In My opinion, and
based on My understanding,
this is a much better plan.

Do you agree?
Let Me know either way.

Most people
prefer Plan A
but find themselves
under Plan B
Plan B
Since 1865
(Civil War)
gradually, subtely, substituted
into, along with, American system.
Key landmark dates:
1868 14th Amendment,
1871 Wash DC inc with England,
1913 Federal Reserve created,
1914 Federal Reserve Notes
1921 Treasury turned over to Federal Reserve
1933 Bankrupt US and SS#
1945 United Nations
2002 Patriot Acts
The Almighty
The Creator of All

Gives freedom and choice
Liberates those bound by sin
Gives Wisdom to those who ask
aka "Lucifer"
or the "Devil"

The Fallen Archangel
Controls and destroys
Exploits sin nature
Entraps man into bondage


Fallen angels
Followers of Satan
Living Souls
The people

Man of the Land
Woman, wife

Sovereigns on the Land
Relationship with Creator
Freed from sin by Grace
Obeys God's Law
Loves his neighbor as himself

Voluntary Servitude
Some people would give themselves over to pay a debt or to survive
Must be set free in the Seventh year
called "Year of Jubilee"

Free Enterprise

Extensions of a man or woman's labor
Crown of England
British Rulers
Bank of England
The 300

together with
Crown Templars
City of London
and the

Agents of the Crown

Together, they conspired and found a way to get a foothold in America and a firm grip on the prople called citizens
Local Government
such as
Fresno city
Town of Kerman
Tivy Valley community

Township, town,
village, city, commune, community, settlement

Handled local affairs

Created in 1871
Washington DC
incorporated with the Crown
in Puerto Rico
named the corporation

Emphasizes religious and social tolerance but discourages Christianity.
Provokes the godly to give up their stand and to go with the crowd.
Homosexuality and abortions are no longer discouraged, but are now protected.
such as
Fresno county
Los Angeles county

Has the highest authority in the land to protect men and woman
Highest official in a Court of Law
Handled affairs in a wider given area

such as

A fictional overlay of a state republic
Shown as regions or Territories of the corporate US government via "CA", "NV", "TX", etc.
State government
such as
Ohio state
California state
Texas republic

One of the several states
Each state is a country unto itself
The abbreviation for California is "Calif." (Not "Ca")
Subdivisions of
the corporate STATE

incorporated counties
such as

incorporated cities
such as
The united states of America
Centralized government of the Union of several states
Limited power except in the allotted 10 miles square known as
"District of Columbia".

Fictitious Persons
Created fictions for purposes of regulation and control

Name on
Driver's License
Court Documents

A Fictitious Person
14th Amendment citizen

All Capital name or middle initial or both
Created by the Birth Certificate
confirmed by Social Security, Driver's license, Marriage licences, etc.
The Real Man
A Living Soul
Involuntary Servitude
A Human Resource for all corporations
Surety for STRAWMAN
Acting fiduciary for STRAWMAN

Handles Strawman's affairs
Pays liabilities
Receives Punishment on behalf of STRAWMAN--Jail or Prison Term, if need be

Freedom, Liberty, Peace, Ownership and Prosperity
Ultimate goal is
World domination
New World Order
"One-World" government
Mark of the Beast

Will tag all Chattel property (people)
initially with a National ID card
later with the chip in hand or forehead
voluntary at first
mandatory when enough volunteered.
Cannot buy or sell without the Mark

This is only a draft at this time
please help Us make it better,
more understandable, and more meaningful
by sending Us your comments,
suggestions, and recommendations..

All rights are reserved by "Jack; Slevkoff", a living soul, a man of the Land, a natural born Sovereign, a California national, a child of God whereby all offenses committed by Jack, whether in the past, present, or future, have been paid in full by Jesus, The Christ. All rights are protected under the common law and under God's Law that says "Thou shalt not steal." No publishing or copying allowed without prior written consent.

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"The new world order is the plan of the idiots who are responsible for the death and destruction of the millions (if not billions) of lives memorialized in written history. The reason is because the new world order exists completely outside of God's natural order. Think of it as God's natural order completely inverted or reversed: Good became evil and evil became good;..."
--By Walter Allen Thompson
from the May 2009 Idaho Observer

"Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins"
Revelation 18:4

"If my people, which are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
II Chronicles 7:14

"The Truth As I See It"
Original vs CORPORATE

that may be
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