Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
abbreviated "CAFR"

"The Biggest Shell Game For Theft In This World's History!
Government at all levels holds back it's Annual Financial Report from the people of America for over 50 years!"  -- By Walter J. Burien, Jr.

Every city, county, state, and the federal government openly talks about the "budget," but keeps a virtually hidden,
SECOND SET OF BOOKS which track the investments and Enterprise ventures worth TRILLIONS of dollars in tangible wealth they have built up and are spending from these virtually hidden portfolios as a result of investing YOUR skimmed money for over  50 years in everything from real estate to the stock market. MOTIVE? They build THEIR empires from where that money is spent and invested "Internationally"


Your city, county, state, and federal governments have LIED TO YOU for decades.  With administrative restructuring  of government, there is NO NEED FOR TAXES.  Our governments are not broke, they are rich beyond measure with  OUR money, and they are hiding it from the American taxpayer, investing, AND SPENDING IT while pleading they are broke and need more taxes, bonds and levies to survive. This being done as they blindly justify their obscene growth.  BS!  There is enough aggregate wealth owned by our government agencies to abolish ALL property and income taxes TODAY. You are being conned, lied to, ripped off, and financially raped.

Total Annual Personal income in the USA, 1999, was 8.2 trillion dollars.  All income - Wages, and investment return from Bill Gates, government employees,  to the local Paper Boy.

Federal tax Income:  1.8 trillion
Local Gov tax Income:  1.6 trillion (Composite CAFR Reports)

 TOTAL: Disclosed Government general purpose tax income:
              (Revenue from direct Taxation): 3.4Trillion


8.2 - 3.4 (taxation) = 4.8 trillion dollars  
THE NET Personal Income after all taxation from both Federal and Local governments.

SOURCE: Federal 1999 Combined Financial Statement (CFS)

Now for the Revelation. (Estimated): Investment / enterprise income not disclosed in the general fund accounting, both Federal and local government, would bring Federal and Local governments annual TOTAL income up by another 5.1 trillion (GOVERNMENT'S NON-TAX income), or total income of 8.5 trillion, or for the real earth shaker of the mind's comprehension, government income twice that of the total annual net personal income after taxation of the entire nation.

Estimate of the standing liquid, fixed, and equity investments, both Federal and Local Governments is a conservative: 60 Trillion dollars
PERSONAL NOTE: If you were making $100,000 per year, and you put 25% ($25,000) each year into an investment fund generating 14% annual return, how long would it be with compounded interest before your return was greater than your income?

A little over 8 years.

[14% is a conservative figure being that most state pension retirement funds have accomplished in most cases an average annual rate of return of 16 to 18% over the last 7 years. The 25 year average is 9 to 11%. Washington and Oregon State governments retirement funds did a 22 and 23% return last year]

Composite government Pension Funds generated a return last year of about 4.3 trillion dollars. More revenue generated than all collected taxation in this country combined.

PS: Government Employees realized only a fraction of that return in most cases being that their pension funds were strictly "Participatory."  The individuals investing or controlling the surpluses had a field day of personal empire building.

        I wonder what Senator, Congressman, Judge, City Attorney, County Board of Supervisor, School Commissioner, or Governor had their "Personal" retirement ventures funded by investments from those surpluses?

        And yes, State Retirement Funds complete a CAFR also. You may want to get a copy and see where and with whom those investments rest.

Can anyone see, that with consolidating surpluses (hundreds of billions), sale of venture and enterprise projects (trillions) back into the private sector where many belong (Golf Courses, Real-estate spec ventures, etc.), and downsizing where appropriate, that with using this "Basic" 101 application of consolidating this revenue into an Annuity Pension fund in the public's behalf, that this could make those local governments "Self Sufficient" from the annual return, and thus all forced taxation can be phased out, and eliminated?

And then possibly a return by annuity check paid back to the local property owners and taxpayers each year on top of no taxation?

NOTE: Watch the News. The comprehension disclosed on this site was
           released nationally over the last 4 years via over 190, one to three
           hour radio programs I participated with.  The blackout continues from
           the self serving syndicated media in full financial partnership and
           cooperation with the government syndicate controlling the empire.
           From the writing on the wall that I see, they are moving to consolidate
           100% ownership and control of the wealth, both nationally and
           internationally.  A forced recession is being orchestrated starting
           with the manipulation of the energy / gas prices. This manipulation
           will take a few more trillion dollars out of the pockets of the public!

 [ And guess who is the primary investor with the gas and power companies? ]

                      Hint! It begins with G, and ends with T.

Sound bites are coming out as to the expected turn down in the economy.  players running the syndicate are consolidating towards the NWO, UN POLICE and UN COURT Control.  The UN, an organization not subject to   those pesky documents in the USA know as The Constitution and Bill of  

          Their plan started in 1945 with the creation of an organization
           known as METRO first located in Chicago, IL, and now located in
           Louisville, KY. The blue print for METRO called for taking over the
           control of Legislative and the Judicial branches of government, to
           establish government as an administrative and corporate clearing
           house for revenue collection. Within the same effort the UN was
           established in 1946. Additionally GFOA was established in 1946, the
           organization that created the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
           (CAFR) accounting structure. [ ]

With the syndicate accomplishing 100% control, the majority of the public is no longer needed to build or perpetuate the syndicate's empire, and thus 60% of the population becomes a liability.  If corrective and unified action by the public is slow in coming forth with true applied force, we are facing the strongest potential of impending and intentionally orchestrated mass genocide by the syndicate against the people ever seen in the history of this planet.

It is time to stand up, push forth the labors of birth, and evolve.

Please take the time to read the transcript of the video: The Biggest Game In Town, that is linked on this page to the right.

There are two roads before us; The current path and direction, that the currently in place syndicate is leading us down, will lead to a thousand years of subjugation / subservience of the survivors. Or if the other path is taken by unified public mandate:  A thousand years of independence, financial self suficiency coming from government without taxation, and true freedom with financial security for all based on the individual's unrestrained productivity benifiting a truly free world economy.

The choice is clear.

There are three types of people in this world:
   1. Those that "Watch" things happen!
   2. Those that "Make" things happen!
   3. Those that say "What" happened!

This site is for the benifit of all the # 2s.
For the #1s and #3s, this site is for their amusement.

I Strongly Recommend Book marking these sites for research:


The following link pay special attention to the note below the link:  
NOTE: The creator of the site, Gerald Klatt, was a high level federal auditor of 30 years. The CAFRMan  site was created one year after  Mr. Burien brought forward national disclosure as to the CAFR.

       CAFRMan's recommended approach, in Mr. Burien's opinion, would continue Business as usual providing the short term fix of returning some surpluses to the public for "instant gratification" potential economic activity benefits, and more taxes coming in for government.

       Mr. Burien believes that if this were done, accounting changes would then be  made and the true future surpluses would be hidden or disappear allowing the current business as usual in government to continue. The CAFRMan site promotes growth in government, and continued "Business as Usual".

      Mr. Burien's approach has the effect of phasing out all forced taxation by local government constitutional amendment, and possibly allowing for a dividend return to the public on top of no taxation based on prudent financial management of government from the existing wealth held today! In other words "The Long Term Fix" for us, and our children, and their children's children!  

      The web site is a basic starting grounds for understanding some  issues of the CAFR. The motivation behind the CAFRMan site may be for all intents and purposes,  to continued the syndicate's current "Status"  unabated.


Why not a word of "Basic" 101 application in the last 55 years?

Why not a word of the Holy Grail, the government's accounting Bible the CAFR?

Why not one word as to government's composite investment and total gross receipts, and growth over 5 years, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc?

Why not one word in print, on the TV, radio from the syndicated media?

Well, the answer is: The public left the vault door open, and in fact a great effort was put forward by a few to make sure the public didn't even think or realize that there was a vault door to be closed!

Primarily in the last 50 years, an orgy of financial empire building has been taking place from all sectors of local and federal government in which at the present, composite government has pulled off the largest financial take over ever seen in history of this world as the public was intentionally distracted, and lulled asleep by the perpetrators of the take over.

Composite US government wealth today makes the entire wealth of the private sector look insignificant in comparison.

Federal and Local Government's gross income, 1999, was 8.5 Trillion dollars. The entire population of this country had a gross personal income, 1999, of 8.2 trillion dollars and net after government taxation of 4.8 trillion dollars. Composite Government brought in twice that of the entire nation.

As an American, this is the biggest wake up call you will receive in your life time!

This financial take over by government would not have been possible over the last 30 years without the systematic and cooperative effort coming from the controlling parties owning and directing the syndicated media, and pulling the strings within organized education to keep "Basic" 101 comprehension from the thoughts and minds of the general populace.

To hold back "basic" 101 comprehension from the populace of an entire nation for over 55 years is quite a task.


1. What are the total cash receipts from ALL operations?

2. What are the total investments from ALL operations?

3. What is the total net worth of ALL operations?

4. What has the growth been over 5 years, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.?

Gorbachev asked those four basic questions, and you now know
why he went Democratic! More Money - More Control ~//~

Homeland Security -The question is: Security for whom?


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One can find these Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR's) at county libraries, but they don't tell you about it and really do not want anyone to know about these SECOND SET OF BOOKS. The reason they have them available at the reference section of most libraries is so that you cannot say that they were never made public. Because they are kept in a public place and made available to the public, they are there for public notice. And, if the public do not complain, then everything must be okay.

Go to the reference section of a public library and ask the libraian assistant that you would like to look at the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for a specific county, or city, and a specific date or the latest date available on file.

Also take a look at: