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A commentary by
David L. Buess
Private Citizen

Millions of Americans went to the International Brotherhood of Banksters,
in good faith, to begin what they considered to be the beginning of the
American Dream – Home ownership.

No money down, loans above the value of the property, floating interest
rates, and the loan created without actual money to back it up, created
inside the bank by financial instruments to be sold on Wall street.
Freddie and Fannie, Banks, the FED, Credit Unions, Savings and Loan, all
involved in the business of creating money via journal entry without
actual currency to back it up. A system doomed to fail – absolutely. What
happened to good business practice?

Multi millions of dollars now printed, counterfeit and inflationary, are
being paid to the very incompetent. Persons and institutions, which
created this mess.
CONGRESS, INC and the FED, INC. worked together to
ensure the passage of questionable banking laws aka as the National
Banking Act set the stage for failure to bring America to the brink of
National Financial Ruin – their purpose to destroy this nation financially
so as to create what will become a NEW WORLD ORDER under the dictatorship
of the United Nations. (1965 National Banking Act and the FED were ruled
unconstitutional in the Credit River Decision, Wisconsin and appeal

Soon a new currency will be created to replace the current system. One
cannot have one world government without a one world currency, a system of
weights and measures, and a system of international law and the
destruction of our Constitution.  All designed to enslave every human
being on the face of the earth to and under the control of the United
Nations and the international brotherhood of banksters.  The efforts
directly involved the Center on Foreign Relations (CFR) a new world order
think tank.

One must understand how the Office of the President, Congress, with
conflict of interest, is aiding and abetting in the overthrow of the
Peoples Constitution, violate of Oath of Office, creates and under the
pretence of having elected representatives and how this has not just
happened but starts at the very beginning of this Nation by the debt(s)
created from the Revolutionary War and Civil War and agreements with
international brotherhood of banksters.

In 1945 the Supreme Court, in Hooven & Allison vs. Evatt, 65 SCt.870,
880,321 U.S 652, 89 L.Ed.12, 52 conclusively affirmed that there are two
(2) distinctly different United States with TWO OPPOSITE FORMS OF

Congress in 1933 turned all statutes over to international law. NO
Constitutional Amendment.
Congress in 1945 turned all government agencies over to the United Nations
and International Law in the Pan Am Agreement. I call this treason, but
wait, there is more. No Constitutional Amendment.

Zone Improvement Plan (Zip Code) unconstitutionally established Federal
Zones within the union states and is an open act of sedition and treason,
fraud in the inducement and fraud by trickery. All hidden within the
postal codes.
Congress is now forcing the American citizen into an illegal
boundary not granted in our Constitution, violates their oath of office,
and creates fraud by trickery by eliminating the States and places them
into the so called “Federal Zone”.

"There is in our political system [two governments], a government of the
Several [50] States, and a government of the United States. Each is
distinct from the other and has citizens of its own. A person may be a
citizen of the United States and of a State, and as such have different
rights." U.S. v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542, 23 L.Ed. 588.—

1818: U.S. v. Bevans, 16 U.S.336.  Establishes two separate jurisdictions
within the United States Of America:  1. The "federal zone" and 2.  "the
50 States".  The I.R.C. (INTERNAL REVENUE CODE) only has jurisdiction
within the "federal zone". (Please note the connection to the Zone
Improvement Plan (Zip Code) and this 1818 ruling. Can you say RICO? –
United States Postal Service, FED, Internal Revenue Service, Congress and
the President. Please note this ruling references only the INTERNAL
SERVICE was ruled unconstitutional in 1935 by the United States Supreme
Court and no organic act of Congress has ever made the IRS a division of
the United States Department of Treasury. None of the following government
agencies have provided, this writer, with affidavits relating to the
Congressional INC and LLC listed within the State of Delaware and all
unconstitutional to the union states Constitution.

On March 1861 7 States walked out of Congress, secession, and Congress had
to adjourn “without day” meaning they had not enough votes to conduct
business. Therefore: Congress had not enough votes to call the next
session. Our Constitution did not deal with this issue. We have not had a
lawful assembly of Congress since March 1861 and this nation is being run
by unlawful and unconstitutional Executive Order. Neither the President
nor Congress charged these 7-States with any wrong(s) nor brought them to
a court of law. Lincoln declared an unconstitutional war against 7-states
who committed no violation of law. A.J. Black, Attorney General of the
United States ruling to then President Buchannan, 1860, ruled Secession
was a matter for Congress not the President.

In April, 1861 President Lincoln called Congress back into session by
invoking the War Powers Act. Unfortunately this nation was not at war with
a foreign nation at the time so his Executive Order was fraud in the
inducement and unconstitutional since there was never an Amendment to the
Peoples Constitution giving the President Executive Order privileges.
Especially any in direct relationship to Congress since Legislation starts
with Congress and not the President. There are currently nearly 8,000
Executive Orders and all are unconstitutional, criminal fraud, fraud in
the inducement and fraud by trickery. Somewhere during this time period
“Congress”, by fraud in the inducement, rewrote our constitution all
without our permission to do so. Sedition and Treason.

Treason and Sedition by the Office of the President and the Congress of
the United States of America are ongoing today. Congress ignores the
Jefferson Manual, their set of Rules of Order, and passes legislation in
direct violation of their own rules and they cannot suspend the rules.
This manual states that all bills before Congress must be read for 3
consecutive days with all members present before the legislation can be
voted on. Not only have we not had a “lawful” assembly of Congress since
1861 all legislation passed since that date has been Fraud in the
Inducement, criminal fraud, fraud by trickery, misuse of public funds
(embezzlement), extortion and grand theft and it continues today.

So who is responsible for the repayment of these bailout funds, if indeed
lawful? It would not be the lawful American Citizen under the Peoples’
Constitution since only Constitutional Law can apply to the Union States.
Should the American People be responsible then it would be an embezzlement
of Public Funds, however, if the burden of repayment is within the
District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Somalia, Virgin Islands and other
holdings under the control of the Congress and the United States then that
would be lawful since unconstitutional law(s) can be passed within the
Second form of our nations governments. The minute Congress tells the
lawful American Citizen, under our Constitution, it is our responsibility
to repay this debt then we have an extortion racket, RICO, against the
President, Congress and the FED.  Income Taxes were ruled unconstitutional
by the United States Supreme Court in 1895 and Income Taxes are not part
of our Constitution nor the 16th Amendment since the High Courts’ rulings
on the issue ending in 1922. (…the 16th Amendment granted no new taxing
authority to the Congress than that “lawfully” established within the
union states Constitution.)

Thanks to Bill Benson and Constitutional Research Assoc. the People know
the 16th Amendment was never lawfully ratified and in a 2-year
investigation of this Amendment Mr. Benson has recovered certified
documents (17,000) from federal and state archives proving the Amendment
not to have been lawfully ratified. The Department of Justice and the IRS
have been active to silence Benson to prevent this information becoming
public knowledge. Can anyone say RICO?

Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit against present and past
Presidents and members of Congress for misuse of public
funds –embezzlement?  [I do not recommend “class action”]

David L. Buess is an investigative reporter for Freedom Fighter Radio and
part time host of freedomfighterradio.net heard nightly on the net 8:00 PM
EST M – T and Friday 9:00 PM EST.



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