A MODERN PARABLE I LIVE BY: In a pitch black room full of evil & nothing but darkness – When you light a candle instantly the darkness flees. You can’t do the opposite. It is impossible for darkness to enter the same room and snuff out “the light”.
– This modern parable is strong reason for all of us to know we are on the winning side.
– And “THE INSPIRATION” I think of when I feel weakened, defeated or unempowered.

Truth works in the same way – ” Truth doesn’t wear a mask to seek applause – or bow to shrines. Truth only asks a hearing now …
… It is our responsibility to seek the truth before we fall under the control of circumstance.
… … The world owes us nothing” ~~~ CAJeffO

Dear Friends,
In historic perspective our forefathers clearly understood how Tyranny oppressed many countries for thousands of years. They braved circumstances and eventually understood how the power of the truth lead to understanding, action, resolve & the will to live as Free Men.
But tyranny never rests & now rears it’s ugly horns in yet another attempt to steal our Sovereignty & rights. Most of our society fails to understand our government has been hacked & hijacked by elitist thugs whom aim to enslave our country by debt and circumstance. I implore you to read the rest of this page and check out the facts. Hear me out as to why I can clearly see our nation & society is on the precipice of peril. And, I am determined to carry the torch of truth.
In Liberty I stand. Please stand with me. Our greatest strength is in numbers.
– A Patriot –

~ Opening Statement ~

We are in perilous danger I would be a rude and uncaring jerk
if I didn’t at least try to tell every one this info.

Before you read my speech or letter to to America …
— Please see this 13 min video —
“The Story of Your Enslavement”
….. (He talks about how tyranny has worked to enslave mankind)
….. My speech, below, talks about how tyranny is working around us right now …
& how to stop it.

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” ~ Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

CAJeffO’s Letter to America …
… A plan to Win the War against Tyranny
Also my 1-3-11 Speech @ Danville Tea Party Event
The torch of truth & The thorns of tyranny.

Throughout History – Man has struggled to improve the quality of life.
Preventing that improvement – were various rulers, kings & dictators who manipulated, controlled and plundered the prosperity of nearly every man. We came to know this as despotism OR Tyranny.

Under Tyranny – the normal status of mankind for 3,000 years has been poverty.

BIRTH To The Republic of the United States exposed the evils of Tyranny.
First — by separating from Great Britain we became a Republic free from tyrannical rulers. Stopping “Taxation without representation” was the final blow and we became the first nation in history to have Sovereignty. This allowed “the poor” a right to freedom & to earn prosperity. In other words, our founding fathers finally achieved what other civilizations had only dreamed about – Securing & protecting unalienable rights.
& Second this freedom gave birth to the American Dream – now sustained for over 250 years. Our rights and freedoms caused our society to flourish & prosper beyond the wildest dreams of our forefathers. Our middle class became the norm.

“This” is what makes America the most unique country in of all history. And, the very reason America became a beacon of hope the world.
……… This success must have frustrated tyrannical rulers.

These wonderful changes came from great amounts of Time & Effort. It required Knowledge & Understanding. Then came Reason & Motivation to Focus on sacrificing enough to give us (You & me) the best country in history.

But – Fast forward 250 years and we see many of the same struggles our forefathers cautioned us against. ?Is it because we lack historical perspective? If that’s true, we all stand to loose more than any other civilization in the history mankind.

— Is it time for us to discover? —
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”?

Our fore fathers and war hero’s spilled their blood and gave their lives in order to birth & preserve our founding documents. Will we waste their suffering?

Today, AGAINST US, we have the complexities of many political groups, Many issues, the power of Fiat money, Corporations controlling our government & the digital age …… + ALL of it’s communication tools.
— It’s a head splitting decision for the people to figure out — ?Which POLITICIANS are serving us? — and who is out to play the system against us.

As we watch our government take dangerous paths. I’m not very sure how many of my fellow Americans have finally realized how far we are – from being the country our forefathers designed.
Our lives are busy with School, college, careers, spouses, houses, kids, hobbies, the trappings of consumerism & getting hooked on many types of entertainment.

Somehow – guarding our country from the ravages of Tyranny became an ancient topic – scantly mentioned in today’s history lessons & conversations. As a whole our society has lost it’s understanding & grip on the civil duties – necessary to maintain our sovereign republic.

How foolish of us to forget Tyranny never gave up on it’s goal to rule over us — Today at this very moment — we are on the precipice of having to face the grip of Tyranny again. We can no longer afford denial, procrastination or distractions

If we want to win this battle? – We must MAKE the Time and Effort to understand what we are fighting. Because if we can’t understand what we are fighting? It’s impossible for millions of people to unite with the commitment to find Time & Effort, To Gain Knowledge & Understanding, Motivation & Reason to Focus on what we are fighting ….. and how to achieve victory.

- If that moment of understanding occurs – Americans will take appropriate action.
But I don’t see that happening fast enough. And it scares me.

The door of opportunity is closing – and IF we still have a chance – We better do something quick, something effective & multi-layered so if any one of the messengers is interrupted, molested at airports, etc.

The reason I wrote this speech is to build a focused communication tool which functions like a torch in the night. It’s soul purpose is to quickly reveal the truth necessary to defeat tyranny. More importantly this Torch of Truth has the ability to multiply it’s beacon of light faster than our enemy works against us.

This torch of truth overcomes the barriers preventing us from working together. And, to avoid a revolution in the streets.

In a moment, as a group, we’ll watch 29 minutes of various videos.
As we watch these videos Please – Don’t think I’m preaching to the choir before me.

Instead notice: The truth it reveals:
- Our government is hacked & hijacked.
- Furthermore those hackers want to take our prosperity, freedom & our rights.


. . . . . . . Now it is time for the rubber to meet the road.
. . . . . . . . . Who will stand beside me and help me with these goals?
I urge you to contact me and offer any support you can: CAJeffO@yahoo.com

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“But when a long train of abuses and usurpation, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”.
SOURCE: The Declaration of Independence.