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You Need To Be Informed

Composed by Ed Rivera, Edited by Me, Emphasis by Me .


Free Law Information: The Legal System Is Privately Owned

1. All courts in the United States are privately owned by the Crown Temple in London .

2. All attorneys and judges are agents of the privately owned Crown Temple.

3. All United States Courts are Admiralty Courts under color-of-law, it appears to be Law but is not.

4. All defendants are wards of the court.

5. All attorneys are attorners or twisters.

6. All attorneys and judges are officers of the court, a conflict of interest.

7. Admiralty Jurisdiction means the judge has the power of an admiral on a ship

8. Admiral on a ship has absolute power over life and death.

9. Defendants have no rights in court.

10. All statutes in the United States only apply to persons who are fictitious entities.

11. United States Courts have no jurisdiction over a man or woman, only artificial persons.

12. Most traffic tickets are infractions,

13. You cannot be put in jail for an infraction.

14. You can plea bargain with the judge to cut down the fine against you,

15. If you cannot be put in jail for an infraction they have no way to collect the fine.

16.The Judge will try to charge you with contempt to coerce you to pay the fine.

17. You cannot be lawfully charged with contempt unless you are disrespectable to the judge.

18. If you cannot pay the fine they have to let you go because they cannot put you in jail.

19. They may summons you back to court again to pay the fine.

20. Since they cannot put you in jail and you obey all summons they will give up because they want the money and you are wasting the courtís time.

21. Search yahoo or Google under Crown Temple to see who owns you and your property.

22. Under Admiralty Law you cannot have a fully informed jury,

23. Common Law is the Law of the People.

24. Path To freedom www.EdRivera.som

25. Admiralty Law is the law of the king or sovereign.

26. Most Americans are no longer sovereigns they are subjects (slaves).

27. All courts in America are territorial Courts under Congressional jurisdiction.

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