The History Refresher Course
  • An armed man is in control. An unarmed man is a slave.
  • A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
  • Gun control is not about guns, it is about control.
  • If guns are outlawed, can we use swords, knives, ...?
  • If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
  • Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
  • If you don't know your rights, then you don't have any.
  • Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
  • What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand.
  • The Second Amendment is in place in case the other amendments are ignored.
  • 64,999,987 firearm owners killed no one yesterday.
  • Guns have only two enemies, Rust and Politicians.
  • Know guns, know peace and safety; No guns, no peace or safety.
  • You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive or be free.
  • What is 911? A government sponsored "Dial a Prayer".
  • Assault is a behavior, not a device.
  • Criminals love gun control. It makes their job easier and safer.
  • Tyrants love gun control to remain in power and be in control.
  • If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.
  • Only a government that is afraid of it's people tries to control and disarm them.
  • You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.
  • Any tool can be used for good or be used to murder.
  • Many murders are done without guns.
  • When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.
  • The American Revolution would never have happened with "Gun Control".
  • "....a government by the people, for the people......"

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Selections and revisions are by Me

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