Dear Officer

Dear Officer:

I don't want to kill you. I don't even want to wound you. I admire your courage and the commitment you've made to help others, often at risk of own your life. I hope you won't come for me, because if you do, one of us will die. It may be you.

I've done nothing wrong. I don't intend to.   But the government which you serve has passed too many laws.   I am sure to accidentally break one, some day.   And that same government is systematically destroying the unalienable rights which our Constitution says may not be infringed ó very specifically, my right to keep and bear arms.

I am not some wacko lunatic, but I can no longer stand idly by, while decent people are systematically enslaved by an out-of-control government.   I cannot allow a corrupt judiciary to use its power to destroy my rights and my country. That government and that judiciary has begun to use you to arrest and kill people just like me ó people who believe that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights mean what they say.

You don't know me, but you see me every day. I may be a businessman, a truck driver, an executive. I could be a housewife or a salesman. But I am armed, as Americans have been for over 250 years, and I am determined to keep the freedoms which only an armed people may retain. With a rifle, I can hit a man-sized target at 800 yards. At shorter distances, in the blink of an eye, I can hit a head-size target with a rifle or a handgun. I don't wear a uniform. I don't drive a marked car. I don't wear camouflage. I could be your own secretary, or your barber. I might be the guy who delivers your bottled water, or the parcel delivery lady. You don't know who I am, or what arms I have, and you never will. I am tens of millions. I am America.

But I know you. I know your uniform, your car, and your work schedule. I know where you work, and where you live. And that is good for you, because not only am I no threat to you, so long as you do the job for which you are hired. I am also prepared to assist you when you are threatened by real criminals. There aren't many of me left, you may think, but believe me, there are many, many more than you can imagine. When the chips are down, we are the ones who are truly on your side. ††

On your side, that is, so long as you honor your Oath.   We are on your side if you are one of the majority of peace officers who are not corrupt and who have not sold out to the socialists and communists ó freedom betrayers who will do anything, say anything to destroy the America our fathers and grandfathers bequeathed us.

No, I am no threat to you, but your bosses in government don't see it that way. They think that I, and my arms, are a threat to them, and they are planning to send you for me, just as they've sent armed, dangerous officers on select little missions for years, taking out targeted individuals. On their orders, you may succeed in murdering me for my beliefs. Or you may not.

Whether or not you succeed in murdering me, as federal agents murdered Vicki Weaver and her young son in Idaho; or as those same federal agents murdered 81 men, women and children at Waco, Texas; there will be others who will rise up in my memory, as I now rise up in honor of the innocent lives taken by the jack-booted thugs and black-clad imitation ninjas who think it is fun to murder Americans ó who have somehow become convinced that it is their job to murder Americans!

I am prepared to die, honoring my sacred Oath as an American, to defend and protect the Constitution of the united States of America. Are you prepared to die to violate the Oath you took?

You see, our government is out of control. It has rotted, from the top down. You know it. You've seen it. But you, like many others, have been too concerned with your job, your family, and your pension, to say or do anything about it. Deep down, you know I am right.

But you think you must follow orders. Or must you? Are you going to murder me for having the courage to stand up for the country and the principles in which you believe? Are you going to go along with unconscionably illegal, unconstitutional orders, just as "good" German soldiers followed their orders? Are you going to be a peace officer or a jack-booted thug?

There is little difference between a street outlaw who murders and robs; and a uniformed thug who murders and robs under color of law. The result is the same. Property confiscated, lives ruined, families ripped apart, murder committed, and a free nation destroyed. Look at history. Look around the world. As we move toward a lawless society, our country moves closer and closer to anarchy and then some form of fascism. Are you going to enforce unconstitutional laws? Are you going to be the private army of socio/fascist dictators who masquerade as democratic representatives? ††

Or are you going to do your part to recapture America? Are you going to keep your eyes and ears open? Will you quietly let me know when the jack-booted thugs in the SWAT teams have targeted me? Will you let your fellow officers know that they are being sold down the river by their corrupt masters? Don't come to kill me. Because I don't want to kill you.

If you do come, you may succeed ó if you get lucky. But don't count on luck, because it will probably be hard ó damned hard. Like millions of other Americans, I am the son or daughter of a nation of riflemen ó citizen-soldiers who have a rich heritage of beating the best the enemy can send against us. We are resourceful. We cherish our homes and freedom. We understand weapons and tactics. You are foolish if you intend to be our enemy.

If you don't succeed, and in the long run, you won't, here's what you can expect: ambushes of SWAT teams, and the wholesale slaughter of all the jack-booted thugs who have murdered innocent Americans on the orders of their socialist masters; targeted assassinations and kidnappings of anti-Constitution judges, and assassinations of anti-American, anti-gun politicians.

By your willingness to be a good little Nazi, you will have unleashed a civil war ó just what America's enemies want. It doesn't have to be that way. You can do something about it. It's easy. Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Although you took an Oath to defend them, you don't learn much about them in your training, do you?

Today, these documents are considered dangerous by the government, just as King George found them dangerous over 200 years ago. Why do you suppose your leaders lead you to oppose the very rights you swore to protect? Why do they want a disarmed public? You know the reason. It has nothing to do with controlling crime. It has everything to do with using you to disarm, fine, control, and ultimately murder your American fellows ó just like the brownshirts and the SS did to German citizens.

Don't fall for it. Don't force me to kill you.

(signed) 100 Million American Patriots

(written by William Cooper)


Response by a blogger: ††††††††††††[ ] by Me

This is the sort of thought that we few who understand are beginning to adopt.

Years ago, when our grandfathers would talk of too much government and where we are headed, we thought they were out of their minds. Old farts with nothing to do but complain. Guess what? They were right. Look back people, over your 30-40-50 years, how many rights have you gained [lost]? How many antiquated laws have been repealed? How "temporary" taxes have been discontinued [continued, became permanant]. With each decade taxes increase, government control grows stronger and more police intervention into the lives of every day citizens [people].

We are losing control very quickly. Its being done with 2 tools as mindsets. National security and that all people are entitled to a middle class existence. Both are shams. You are either successful or you are not. The entitlement set would have us all believe that we owe the poor a good standard of living and that the rich should fund it. The government will take care of the redistribution. SOCIALISM.

The laws and systems of control that we are willingly giving away in the interest of national security are insane. The frightening thing is, people have bought into this. A poster on another thread stated that we have spent billions on the sham that is national security and we are not a bit safer than we were before. Itís not about preventing another terrorist attack people! They want more law! more control! more money!

If you have no money you are systematically weaker as a people and nearer to reaching out to the government for help. There will be people that respond to this in disgust. They are the sheep. The ones who have already walked in with blinders to the trap. At no time in my life do I remember more people, Dems and Republicans on the same page. We are ALL becoming disgusted as a people. It may not happen in my lifetime, but William Coopers comments were spot on. Your government is against YOU. All it wants is control. Control of your money and your life to perpetuate its own breathe.

Citizens!, do you realize what happened when in the name of security the feds quietly SEIZED your right to travel outside of the US without a passport? Brother Sam needs to know where you are! "we cant let the terrorists win", Guess what?! They DID!! Game over. They gave the government the perfect platform to seize control over its citizens [The people]. If any sheep were paying attention to what happened last week on the healthcare debacle, they will remember seeing kickbacks...bribes being paid to certain states for votes with THEIR tax money. In industry, THEY have passed laws to prevent this behavior. When itís OUR money, THEY do what they want. Watch your ass people. Cheat on your taxes, keep cash money on your premises or person, and never, ever vote for an incumbent. Throw them all out at the end of a term. Itís the only thing that is going to prolong the inevitable. For those ignorant posters that will follow my statements with "If y'all don' like it cheer, jus git on out!" Kiss my American ass, this is ME practicing MY First Amendment rights before they too are violated in something packaged to look like a security bill -- I agree Terre Haute, Indiana

Second response by same:

In case you were incapable of reading all of my post OR whomever was reading it to you had to go to their job, I will reiterate. I LOVE AMERICA. I do not want to leave, I have a first amendment right to free speech and so do you. As soon as you learn the language you to will be able to take advantage of this right. You are losing everything and so am I. This is no longer just a buzz topic. With the new President it is now a state of emergency. I like Obama, I voted for Obama, I made a MISTAKE. I thought he was about change for the good and he was something different. I had hoped that he would bring an honest face to Washington. As it turns out he is nothing more than a typical Chicago politician. Worse yet, he jumped right on board to put the machine dismantling our freedoms into high gear.

Afghanistan? No sorry, my government has restricted travel there to Military, Religious, Press, approved contractors and family. They wont let me go. I cant go to El Salvador, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, parts of Egypt, North Korea, Pakistan and portions of Israel. All require certain government approval, thanks for the offer however.

Live pretty well? Yeh as a matter of fact the bloodsuckers took 6 times the average household income in Fed. taxes last year off me and I am sickened by that. While the crack whores shack up with their pipefitter boyfriend and baby daddy makin 1500 a week in subsidized housing, Iím working 50-60 honest hours a week. While the "disabled" suck 1800 a month out of the system for a drinking problem, Iím at work. So, yes, you are right in one sense, I donít like it here at the moment. But, this is MY AMERICA and I continue to hold out hope that she can recover. Unfortunately because the general population is a sheep like you, that is unlikely -- I agree Terre Haute, Indiana

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